GG Crispbread Greek Yogurt Bowl

GG Crispbread Greek Yogurt Bowl

Our GG Crispbread Greek Yogurt Bowl is a great way to start off your day and/or get you through the afternoon slump.

It’s refreshing, filling (packed with protein & fibre!),  makes your body feel good, and is quick and easy to make.


To make, add:

150g of greek yogurt into the bottom of a bowl (we used 0% greek yogurt)

2 GG Crispbread

15g Smooth peanut butter

30g Blueberries

30g Strawberries

2tsp Desiccated coconut

*Crush your GG Crispbread for a textured topping or keep whole for dipping.

Drizzle on a skinny sauce or spinkle on a sweetner for that ectra sweetness.



297 Kcal 

23.6g Protein

23.6g Carbohydrate

11.3g fat